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About EVP

E volution Venture Partners (EVP) is a healthcare investment banking boutique dedicated to evolving, growing and transforming our clients for the benefit of their customers and stakeholders, with a focus on creating value for all participants involved in our transactions or advisory activities. We have observed that our clients come to us at critical times in their corporate histories and it is our goal to provide appropriate resources, whether it be capital, strategic alliances or experiential advice to further them along on their path to success. Our team has a long-standing successful track record of finding creative solutions for companies across all areas of healthcare, biotechnology, health and wellness and technology. We work diligently to create successful outcomes in the areas of capital formation, licensing, partnering, M&A and strategic advisory services. We view our clients as our partners and consider ourselves as collaborators in a creative process, taking advantage of a unique network of experts, advisors, investors and corporate executives to design a custom solution for each company.

EVP’s core focus is to support companies within the life sciences, biotechnology and health & wellness industries. Healthcare is a fundamental pillar of well being and it is within our power to positively impact society by supporting companies which are developing breakthrough technologies to improve health, prevent illness and support healthy lifestyles which result in longer, healthier and happier lives.

Investment Banking

Evolution Venture Partners has extensive experience raising capital for public and private companies. Whether we are assisting a private company with a traditional venture financing focused on the top healthcare funds, a private company seeking to go public or a public company seeking access to additional capital from the public markets, we bring the same creative spirit and enthusiasm to complete a transaction efficiently and professionally. EVP’s managing partners, Philip Taub and John Andreadis, are registered with Ecoban Securities Corporation. Financings and other securities transactions will be conducted by the managing partners through Ecoban Securities Corporation.

Capital Raising

EVP runs a comprehensive process to raise capital by reaching out to institutional investors including venture capital funds, private equity funds, corporate strategics and family offices. We have developed strong relationships with partners at leading healthcare-focused investment funds.

Mergers & Acquisitions

EVP works closely with public and private companies to assist them in their mergers and acquisitions activities. We have extensive experience working with both domestic and international clients and work with senior management, company boards and corporate counsel to expedite and design transactions that are beneficial to all parties concerned. Our deep network of relationships enables us to devise more targeted strategies for our clients.

Strategic Partnering

EVP has extensive experience working with clients seeking to partner or in-license assets both domestically and internationally. We work closely with management to assess pipeline portfolios and to showcase assets to maximize the value received for those assets. We will often manage parallel processes to raise non-dilutive capital via partnering activities while at the same time pursuing traditional financing pathways.

VC Portfolio Solutions

EVP provides effective solutions for venture capital funds and their portfolio companies. We support VCs and their portfolio companies whether they are looking for a capital raise, a strategic transaction, or in the event that the board decides to wind a company down. We bring the necessary expertise and capabilities to provide excellent service and execution, including:

  • Managing follow-on financings
  • Sourcing Strategic partnering or collaborators
  • Providing M&A advisory services
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