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Dr. Neches is one of America's leading technologists. He was Founder and Chief Scientist of Teradata Corp (1979-1988). Teradata pioneered the application of parallel processing to commercial applications with hardware and software products that implement the world's largest relational databases. The company raised $70 MM through venture capital and public financings and was subsequently acquired by AT&T for a return to shareholders of over $1 billion. The company is now part of NCR Corporation.

As Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist of NCR, Dr. Neches led the repositioning of the entire computer product family prior to merger with AT&T and then led product plan for merger with AT&T. During this period, he was on the Board of Directors of MCC and Semitech (research consortiums) and Dayton Public Radio. He became Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Multimedia Products and Services Group, AT&T Corp., where his responsibilities included microelectronics, data communication products, business telephone products (including call centers), consumer products, and initial incubation of what became AT&T’s Internet service.

Dr. Neches serves on the Board of Directors of PeopleLink Corporation and ExpandBeyond Inc. His prior directorships include DemoGraFx, MediaMap, and VendQuest. He serves on the Advisory Board of EarthLink, Tacoda Systems, Luxtera, and the Technology Group (analyst practice) for Merrill Lynch. In 1999, Dr. Neches served as Acting Chief Technology Officer of idealab! (an Internet B2C company incubator).
Dr. Neches received his formal training at the California Institute of Technology, where he holds a B.S. (1973), M.S. (1977), and Ph.D. (1983) in Computer Science. Dr. Neches serves on Caltech’s Board of Trustees, sits on its Audit, Investment, Business & Finance, Development, JPL, and Executive Committees, and chairs the Technology Transfer Committee.

Philip M. Neches, Ph.D.

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