Ulrich Kosciessa, PhD

Ulrich Kosciessa, PhD

Dr. Kosciessa completed is PhD at Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany in Molecular Biology in 1993 followed by a three year Post Doctoral Program at the multinational Pharmaceutical Company, Schering AG – now Bayer AG - in Neurosience/neurodegenerative diseases. During his research carrier he published several papers in scientific journals.


IN 1996 he joined medac GmbH a midsized privately held pharmaceutical company in Hamburg, Germany. At medac he left the science field and moved into marketing and sales growing the international business of medac from EUR 20 Mio to more than EUR 200 Mio after being promoted to be Managing Director at medac in 2010. Due to his scientific background he also did manage one of the former subsidiaries of medac, Imunelaboratory Hannover (ILH GmbH) for the development, manufacturing and sales of autologous dendritic tumor vaccines for 5 years. After this he supported the spin-out of photonamic GmbH, a research company to develop applications in photodynamic therapy and diagnosis in 2002. He took over the position as CEO at photonamic in addition to his Managing directors position at medac in 2008.


In the meantime photonamic was divested and sold to by SBI Germany, a 100% subsidiary of SBIALApharma, member of the SBI Holdings in Tokyo, Japan. In 2018 Dr. Kosciessa left medac and joined the SBI group and presently serves as CEO of photonamic as well as COO of SBI ALApharma. While having working closely with the entrepreneur/founder of medac, Dr. Kosciessa has grown his international network extensively. At medac he did establish several subsidiaries and affiliates in more than 20 countries in Europe, CIS and United States of America. At photonamic he successfully developed two products that are being marketed in Europe, South America and the AsianPacific region plus Australia. On product has also been approved by FDA for the US market and will be launched in 2018.


Dr. Kosciessa has gained extensive experience in international marketing, management and business development through his career. He also has collected valuable knowledge in product development through his scientific background and experience in managing research groups.